Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lead Pencil Studios

I really liked this group of artist or should I say couple, considering it consist of only two artists. They met at college together because they were both architecture majors who had a craving for moving more into the art scene. So after a contest came to the town they were residing in they both took off from there and now create amazing pieces using architecture and art combined. I find their work very inspiring to me and I would definetly like to try this when I am older.

Jessica Hische

After seeing all of her incredibly creative and innovative types of fonts I was very moved. Before I had seen her works I always picture font as something thats just there and not really a form of art. But after seeing the amazing stuff that she had envision and created just made think it all over. I know think of typography as something totally different than I had before. Even the fact that she landed all these jobs/internships that she loved and were with major companies really got me thinking. I guess all you need to go far in life is to do something you love with hard work and dedication.

Self Portrait Texture Project

For this project we had to scan in different textures to create a piece that had to relate to ourselves.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Layer Photoshop Project

For this project I had to create an image using photos that I have taken from around the city and then apply 5 different layers to the image. Then I had to some how void the copyright laws by adding an image to it. Before you know it, the final image....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ben Volta

For this weeks lecture we had a speaker named Benjamin Volta. He went to highschool around here, to be exact he went to Abington Highschool. Which was werid when I heard that name metioned because I just met a couple kids this year who went to that school. Before this I had no idea that it even existed. But getting back on track. I really did like the work he did. Although it looks completely abstract it contains many figurative elements. This gives his piece a really eye catching effect to the viewer. In my opinion he was one of the best artist to give a speech a tyler. He had a really up beat and positive personality which kept you awake throughout the whole lecture. In the future I really want to create a piece like one of his and I will definelty search through his work in my free time.

Tommy Gun

This time the lecture was about a man we will call Mr. Thompson.....His work was very unique from what ive seen so far from the other lectures. He has a very specialized style which he uses and recreates in all of his works. The fact the he his a carpenter definetly plays a large role in the style of how his pieces come out. They all seem to be heavily formulated and contain a lot of defined lines. I really like the fact that he lives up the name of a starving artist by living in a basement of a bakery...or maybe not starving if he gets the leftover food...either way his work is extremely interesting and I hope to see some of his stuff in a museum one day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photoshop Assignment

This was a small project we had to do in Computers after learning the basics about the photoshop. We had t o use a picture and change it in our way that made it our own. For my project, I used a photograph of the miners that were trapped in the mine in Chile. Here is the celebration picture.